Making the Small Things, the Big Things!

Absolutely Yushi designs and curates special moments.


Our mantra? Love is always the secret ingredient – whether it’s in a relationship, friendship, work, food or your own life. Founded in October 2015, we work closely with our clients to add that special something to your moments. We work on niche areas, and up close and personal, making any experience the most special it can be.

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Absolutely Yushi presents its first sub brand -The Last Single Affair (TLSA). This is India's first service exclusively specializing and catering to Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties. Each event is curated to bring out the true essence of the ‘Bride-to-be’ and her Bridesmaids get a chance to tell her how much they love her with a stylish send off. 


If you are looking to give your 'bride-to-be' friend the perfect send off - Ayushi Misra is the girl to go to. Full of fun, quirky yet elegant ideas, she guarantees that the 'bride-to-be's' last single affair will be the best affair she will ever have.


Every ‘Bride to be’ is unique and so should her sendoff be. It's a chance for the friends to come to forefront and contribute to the celebrations. TLSA works closely with you right from the concept all the way to its execution.  Be it a night out, an elegant shower or a getaway, we’re there every step of the way! TSLA even organizes Hagdos/Stendos i.e. if the bride and groom want to have a joint affair with both their friends. 


Get ready to be the best Bridesmaid ever!



AY designs is a second segment where we design and curate gifts/décor and work closely on personalizing a special moment for your loved one. While our niche is small to mid-scale events, the type of event, the number of people etc. doesn’t matter if you’re looking to make it a little more special. It could be a hamper, favors, some décor, different and & unique gift ideas, we are ready to work with you. 



Creating a Theme

Curating the evening

Customised Souvenirs


Bridal hampers & favours

Bridesmaids' gifts

Bridal games

Decor & Props

Wedding Invites

Wedding Accessories

Concept decor setups

Corporate &

Client Gifting


Do you have a special milestone coming up in your life? Do you need help planning and executing it? Get in touch with us and let’s plan something spectacular for your loved one!

Theme decor

Theme decor

Groomsmen gifting

Groomsmen gifting

Bridesmaid gifting

Bridesmaid gifting




The Bridesmaids Speak...

" Thank you for organizing so much even on such short notice! Riddhima was thrilled and she loved each and everything that was included in the hamper! All the other girls loved their Shemergency kits too! You've got great taste and I was very confident that I didn't have to worry about a thing! Thank you for making her bachelorette so much more meaningful :)"  


- Kritika Rathi

"Imagine yourself to be a dude who takes games tad bit seriously! You find your perfect girlfriend who wears your rugby sweatshirt, cheers with you for your favourite team, and gets you fried chicken and home brewed beer. That 'Marry her already' feeling is similar to what Ayushi is capable of giving you when you're flabbergasted with all the wedding preps and she takes care of the single most important affair in the life of your sibling. It was fun, momentous, dramatic and so personal working with you." 


- Kanika Bhatia


“Ayushi Misra – you have been a complete savior in planning my best friend’s bachelorette. Not only did it save me a great deal of time but you actually created something spectacular! From initial plans being for Dubai then moving to Goa and finally ending up in Delhi, we were all kind of skeptical about how to have a good time here, but I promise you, not only did the bride have a complete blast but so did the rest of us.” 


– Varsha Sehgal

" Working with Ayushi was an absolutely lovely experience. It was a super bachelorette in the short span of time we provided. Definitely coming back for more :)."


- Avanee Rawat



Ayushi Misra, Founder & Owner


Having been the go-to girl among her set of friends, planning and organizing special moments is something she has always been passionate about, and comes naturally to her. A graduate from Pune University, Ayushi specialised in finance and is an alumnus of Mayo College Girls' School, Ajmer.


After a brief stint in advertising, Ayushi gradually shifted her career focus to business development & partnerships. She is also a qualified business consultant and has worked closely with startups - which geared her to start something of her own. The result? Absolutely Yushi. 


A perfectionist by nature and a romantic at heart, Ayushi's trademark has been to do things differently, leaving everyone pleasantly surprised. Encapsulating both the love and affection of those close to her as well as the best days of her life, she has embarked upon this new venture taking it all with her!



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