Having been the go-to girl among her set of friends, planning and organizing special moments is something she has always been passionate about, and comes naturally to her. Ayushi’s educational background is accredited with her degree in BBA (major in Finance) from Pune and is an alumnus of Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer. After a brief stint in advertising, Ayushi gradually shifted her career focus to business development & partnerships. She is also a qualified business consultant and has worked closely with start-ups – which geared her to start something of her own. The result? Absolutely Yushi –A curation company that plans small to mid-scale events and designs personalized gifts. “People in India tend to stereotype a Bachelorette Party whereas it’s actually an intimate affair between the Bride to be and her closest friends. This is where The Last Single Affair comes into play; we brainstorm, plan, coordinate, curate and execute a party/ shower or a getaway for the ‘Bride to be’. We basically become the Bridesmaid’s best friend from the time she comes to us till the day of the event. It’s the best feeling to see a smile on your client’s face when they receive something you’ve created. Imagine not knowing someone, hearing their story and then getting a chance to passively be a part of their special moment, to know that you had a tiny role to play in making them smile, it’s just a fantastic feeling!’ says Ayushi. A perfectionist by nature and a romantic at heart, AY’s trademark has been to do things differently, leaving everyone pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, Ayushi has always had a minimal wastage policy when it comes to work. Most of her merchandise is made using sustainable/ eco-friendly materials. Adding to this, “In today’s day and age eco consciousness is absolutely crucial. Sustainability isn’t a new requirement, its been a need of all our yesterdays, today’s and will continue to be the need for all our tomorrows. That is why at AY we provide sustainable alternatives to our customers as that is something we feel very strongly for” Over the years, the company offerings has expanded to personalized events and gifting for every occasion for both individuals and brands/companies under the segment AY Designs! Brand Mantra – In a world of excess, we help you select!